A Family Affair


Nique and her mom, Maria (Francie)

INSPIQ is a combination of art jewelry
“inspired by Nique”.  Our pieces are handcrafted  from things that she loves and enjoys.  Her cheerful energy is reflected upon the crystal and stone pieces that her mom creates🙂.  We make art jewelry that is interesting, eccentric and unconventional with no boundaries.  We also love seeing how our pieces fit into the lives of others.  It could be miniature themed earrings that make a unique style statement.  Maybe our crystal stones that work its energy where you need it.  It could be a pair of our funky craft earrings that just connects with you.  Or a resin set that completes an outfit for the day or night.  Whatever it is, we handmade it just for that intention.  So enjoy!

Meet the family, Team Charity

Frequently, you will see Nique’s dad (Phyl) helping us out at our local art markets.  He and Maria (Francie) manage much of INSPIQ’s business affairs.  His executive skills manifest the vision for the company and his high energy matches that of his daughter’s.  So if you see him, be sure to 👋🏼 and say HI!  

Nique’s oldest sister (Rae) manages the marketing affairs of the company.  As a graphic designer and marketing executive, her creative ideas and talent continue to promote and expose our brand to maintain a healthy consumer base. 

Our business is a family affair!

Sending you love and good vibes from Texas!